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JUNE 2024

1 Alice N. Persons, Why I Have A Crush On You, UPS Man
2 Julie Cadwallader Staub, Reverence
Jim Daniels, Short-Order Cook
Simon Rae, The Lane

5 Eavan Boland, Atlantis—A Lost Sonnet
Michelle Y. Burke, Trick of the Light

7 Ruth Fainlight, The Mourner
8 Ted Kooser, Dishwater
9 Louis Jenkins, Earl
10 Denise Duhamel, How Are You?
11 Linda Pastan, 25th High School Reunion
12 Grace Cavalieri, How a Poem Begins
13 Tim Seibles, Delores Jepps

14 Genevieve Taggard, The Geraniums
15 Stephen Dunn, The Sacred
16 Lawrence Raab, The Band Was Still Playing
17 Ron Padgett, Jeopardy
18 Lisel Mueller, Monet Refuses the Operation

MAY 2024

12 Danusha Laméris, Cherries
13 Tony Hoagland, Barton Springs
14 Alison Luterman, The Insurrectionists Were Right
15 Tomas Tranströmer, Romanesque Arches
16 Marylen Grigas, Habitats
17 Eugene Datta, Amber
18 Todd Turnidge, Fallen
19 Maggie Smith, Good Bones
20 Teri Ellen Cross Davis, Akron at Night
21 Barbara Crooker, Then
22 Tim Nolan, Frank, Running Around the House
23 Grace Paley, In the Bus
24 Donald Hall, Summer Kitchen
25 Ellie Schoenfeld, I Ride Greyhound

26 Sinéad Morrissey, Genetics
27 George Bilgere, Memorial Day
28 Shari Wagner The Farm Wife
29 Chanda Feldman, Money Tree
30 Susan Donnelly, Moondog
31 Sharon Olds, 35/10

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